General information foals

General information foals:

Van Olst Sales continues its successful online auction with a foal auction at the 7th of August. The collection consists of foals from our own stallions, so that we help our breeders to sell their breeding products in a new and accessible way. Just like the young dressage talents, the foals will descend from one of our great stallions.

Register foals:

You can register the foals using the following registration form: After registration you will receive an email with the entry conditions in which you can find all information regarding the online auction.

Photo / video day:
The photo and video day will take place after the group of foals is entered. On this day, all foals will be viewed and extensively filmed and photographed. You will immediately hear whether your foal has been admitted to the auction. There will also be a vet present this day to check all foals clinically. This means that you are ready immediately and do not have to come back again.

The registration fee of the online auction is € 250 excluding VAT. The entry fee is only due when your foal is selected for the auction.

Bidding steps:

The following bidding steps apply to the online foal auction:
from € 3000 to € 7000 by € 250
from € 7000 to € 10000 by € 500
from € 15,000 by € 1,000


As an extra service, "Van Olst Sales", especially for its (foreign) customers, has reserved a number of places with the new and modern breeding company "Van Baalen Farms". An ideal option for (foreign) customers who are looking for a prime location where their new, valuable asset can grow up in the best possible environment during the first 2 to 3 years of life and in the most optimal possible circumstance.

Van Baalen Farms is a newly established company that combines years of experience in the equestrian sector with years of experience in the agricultural sector. Under the guidance of two very enthusiastic young people, every effort is made to raise the horses as good as possible. More information can be found at:

When your horse has reached the age to participate in an inspection or to be saddlebroken, we can of course help / advise you in this.


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