General information:

The well-known and successful annually returning Van Olst Sales Auction is online. Van Olst Sales Online now offers a collection of 2.5 year old geldings that are at the start of their career. All horses come directly from rearing and have therefore not been in hands much. In addition to these almost 3 year old horses, there will also be 3 horses that will be 4 years old this year.


The size of the horses is as follows:

S: till 1.62 cm / M: 1.63 cm - 1.66 cm / L: 1.67 cm - 1.70 cm / XL: from 1.70

Trialrides / viewing of horses:

Of course it is possible to see these horses before you place a bid. Thursday 9 February there will be a presentation of the auction horses at 7 pm. Location: Van Olst Horses, Terheijdensspoor 9 in Den Hout. What is new is that this presentation can also be viewed online at

X-rays and clinicall reports of the horses

If you are interested in one of the horses from the Van Olst Sales Online collection and would like to receive the X-rays with the clinical report, please send an email with the horse's name and your details to:

Bidding steps:

In this auction we use the following steps for the bidding:

Starting amount €6,000
increase by € 500 to € 15,000
increase by € 1000 to € 24,000
increase by € 2000 from € 24,000

Auction Commission:

5% auction commission will be charged on all horses.


VAT will be charged on top of the knock down price, the correct VAT percentage is shown of each individual horse at its own page.



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